• A Short Poem

    This. This is beautiful. Listen.
    Pick any two points.... more »

  • Anxiety

    Stop hesitating.  
    Stop putting it off by flossing your teeth.... more »

  • April

    It is snowing
    even though we all thought spring had sprung
    up from the depths of our bookshelves
    and onto our laps.... more »

  • Broken Umbrellas

    They speak of memories, progress, and calculations but
    you’d rather think of art in it’s purest form.  

    Heads down on desks, we are... more »

  • Friday Nights

    I like to watch them drink their drinks:
    Vodka poured from glass to aluminum.

    Don't throw stones,... more »

  • I Was That Tired

    I couldn’t speak
    so I scratched the words onto my hips
    like raspberry stains on kitchen-floor-tiles.... more »

  • March

    Our vision drops like pebbles and
    into streams... more »

  • Pickup Lines And Deadlines

    Is there no remedy
    for you?

    With the sky below your eyes,... more »

  • Solstice

    People look into her
    eyes like chopping down trees.

    She tries to find a comfortable skin to crawl into... more »

  • We Would Like To Write Poems

    but there is too much fabric
    to our clothes
    and we would like to lie across... more »