AR Adelaide Rhead


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I love your poem about water, and I am setting it to music for choir and marimba. YOu have a wonderful connection with nature.
I enjoyed the ideas portrayed. You give credit to creation's natural phenomenon. We are all the same in a unique and different singularity trying to master our journey through life. I see you are thoughtful, empathetic, and insightful. Thank you
Dear Adelaide Rhead. First of all thank u and your poems.I think you are wonderful woman. I am a singer.Now i am working on my new album.Fortunatly i found you and your poems.When i did read it i felt so different.It was like my view.Also the poem'Discrimination'. Dear Adelaide Rhead -i want to sing your poem 'Discrimination'. I really want to sing it.Please! ! ! ! I am a good singer.Please! ! ! ! If you want to hear my songs i will send it to u. Your asian new fan Singer NARAN..