• Accept Me The Way I Am.

    Let me take it from here my lady.
    Like Peter and Paul
    at the beautiful gate
    i might not be able to offer.... more »

  • Art

    You speak words,
    yet you have no mouth.
    You think fast,
    but you have no minds.... more »

  • Hearth Robber

    It was the day
    i lie idle
    that my eye caught you.
    And causing uneasiness... more »

  • I Can'T Be You!

    If I try to,
    I can't be the fire.
    Very good and destructive in anger
    but can be tamed... more »

  • I Wish I Had Not Known

    Loneliness decends my soul
    and fist joy i felt.
    Not until i got to know,
    that am already breeding maggots.... more »

  • Just For You

    At the river side,
    the thought came.
    Alas! It was of you.
    Thinking of how well we fought together... more »

  • Let Me Fly

    Unclip my wings
    i want to fly again.
    The greatest,
    known for strenght, speed and accuracy.... more »

  • My Wish

    That the world,
    like the sky and moon wil dwell
    and less tears,
    waters the seeds of pain.... more »

  • Night Walker

    I am a night walker,
    yet, i am not a bat
    neither am i a vampire.
    It is the survival... more »

  • No More Death

    Any time i opened the window of the past,
    though warned not to again
    for my health.
    My mind flashes like the rays of light... more »

  • The Definition

    Tell me?
    Cos my grave it is bring closer to my house.
    The very reason, idea, the meaning
    and may be the who too... more »

  • The Fire

    Fire is good,
    i tend to put my hands
    and it burns.... more »

  • The Perfect Wise One

    It is you,
    no you caused it.
    They did it
    we should do this.... more »

  • The Preacher Boy

    Come listen to me.
    I am the preacher boy.
    Let me tell you your doom...... more »

  • The Way I See It

    I beg you,
    don't get her cheap.
    If you do,
    she will make you cry.... more »

  • What A World

    In this world,
    the dream of the past
    hunting the present
    trying to drawn the feotus... more »

  • Who Will Help?

    looking at them,
    we are all staring
    doing nothing
    not because we don't know what to do,... more »

  • Why Call On God

    Why call on God?
    When we failed to help him
    praying with tears and ulcer stomach.
    Running from mountain to hill.... more »