Deji Adeoti is a budding African-Nigerian writer, who have passion for advocating for the common men and the masses with his writing.Deji is a poet, who got inspired by nature, his environment, books...


Adeoti Deji Poems


Were were ale_le,
okan eeji irawo tan.
Gently gently night-fall,
One after the other stars shine.... more »


Arike, I will pronounce your love tonight,
Even in the presence of the stars.
Tighten your belt and listen.... more »

Note Of Hope(We Are Immortal!)

Whenever bomb exploded, we are scared.
Whenever we heard sound and news of bomb's attack,
We are gripped by fear.
Fear of where the next will ravage.... more »

Adeoti Deji Quotes

Sagacity is not in good policy but in it full implementation

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