Adetimilehin Inioluwa Quotes

the ordinary man is the sabotaged product of project eden - luciferous mutiny Eden was the petri dish God made to incubate man into the God kind . earth now is an initiation rites for the adolescence of mankind into the Godhead . this isn't just about hell and heaven, for the administration of the age to come has not be given to anyone else
on spirituality
The vision for a bright future are hallucinations for those drunk on the illicit drug of Ambition.
state of Nigeria
spilling the blood of tyrants in themselves are not revolutions, they are simply graphical imagery of smokescreen to appease the masses against the structures that put them there! nothing changes the bully just gets replaced!
on revolutions
Shouldn't the ashes of a chared bone revolt the addicted smoker? no! to him it's all the same......ashes
on Revolutions
I am not just a man, I am a download of divinity running in compatibility with an ecosystem called earth
under the influence