• African Child

    African Child
    Black is my color
    I am an African Child
    I live a life of fear as poverty is a close friend to us... more »

  • Black Angel

    Darkness came into the world as it was told
    In it we have got the most beautiful Angels
    They are called the Black Angels... more »

  • Black Angel (Part 2)

    My Black Angel
    You brought me back from heaven
    You breath air into me
    I was glad you came back for me... more »

  • Cold Days

    In tears every night
    my heart cries softly
    i knew the cold days is coming
    we have hold unto each other in the past... more »

  • Dark World

    After light was separated from darkness
    The world now begin to fear the dark world
    As the day turn night
    And darkness came to take over the world... more »

  • Desole

    My life was complete
    But now its not
    I lost it all, because am a street boy
    She made me alive... more »

  • Distance Equals Loneliness

    loneliness is killing me right now
    and not even the angels can save me
    I have not seen you for long
    and i really wish i could break the bridge... more »

  • Fake Friends

    I hate when my enemies eats from my pot
    i simply hate fake friends
    and I blast out if i don't want you as a friend
    No more calmness or fear... more »

  • Faraway

    We are far from each other
    Our hands barely touch each other
    The road to out future love had been destroyed
    Your wish had been pull down... more »

  • Friends With Benefit 2013

    Just as thousands have said that
    Real friends are those friends that stays with you
    and stand as your shadow both day and night
    Early stage of our friendship looks tough... more »

  • Future

    During days like this
    All you think of is your future
    Never get worried concerning uh past
    Let your instinct build on your future... more »

  • Future Kindness

    While i was growing up, i was discriminated by many and bullied by thousands
    I came from a poor home and hunger was our best friend
    I hardly eat in a day
    I drink water as breakfast, lunch and dinner... more »

  • Future's Memories

    Death! Death! ! Death! ! !
    Death is a natural part of life
    It really hurts to see our loved ones leave the world
    Death sometimes alert us... more »

  • Goodbye To Heartbreak

    Forget about the sorrow
    forget about the pains
    forget about the tears
    forget about the loss... more »

  • Happy Birthday Dear Mum

    Happy birthday my mother and friend
    Since I was a child you would always defend
    Your love has always been unconditional
    Even when my moods were transitional... more »

  • Happy Birthday Late Mum

    On the 1st Of October 19**
    A great mum Rose Odiase was created to this world
    Today marks the day you are celebrated on your special day of your birth... more »

  • Happy Birthday My Mother

    I really love my mother,
    And it surely makes me proud,
    To know I'm one of her kids,
    And to sing her praises loud.... more »

  • Happy Birthday To A Special Friend

    Happy birthday my best friend
    Amazing times, we always spend.
    Laughter and jokes are common place,
    Since we built that solid base.... more »

  • Hayizza

    How it started
    My life settings was a very bitter settings
    Its not a hero film
    Its not a story to tell the kids... more »

  • Hold My Hand My Special Friend

    Hold my hands is what I asked my special friend
    My special friend, close your eyes, hold my hand
    And hear me whisper........ more »

  • Ikorodu Heritage

    Ikorodu Heritage
    Ilu kekere oko ilu bantata
    Ikorodu, the land of the free
    With so many people of class... more »

  • Letter To My Daughter

    I'm writing down this letter, to my unborn daughter
    Who before her first breath, my heart she's already
    I love you more then anyone can devise... more »

  • Letter To My Late Sister 'Yeside Ajakanri'

    As I was not there the day of your birth
    I rely on stories to tell of your worth
    Our family begin to grow again
    As we now reached four... more »

  • Letter 'X' Xenophobia

    Our father left us while we were young
    We could not clean our own stable
    And we did not know how to
    But we knew how to protect our color... more »

  • Live On Mothers

    There's magic in a Mother's touch,
    and sunshine in her smile.
    There's love in everything she does
    to make our lives worthwhile.... more »