AJ Adeyemi Joshua 07/06/98

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Honour lies in your have, Not really in what you have.
Your possessions does not speak of your wealth, but your inner ability is the honour that lies in you.
The best thing you can be in this world is a man or an object of God.
Your portfolio without God is nothing.
The world is archetype to a garment, Which by unseen vampire is rent. And again and again mend. When the saviour to us is friend. C.2017
The world is meaningless to us without Christ as our friend.

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Poetry is a garment of many colours The blue sky sings love and lights hope. Painful moments of life, death, be true, do not lie, fading beauty, Occupy my soul with the beauty inscribe in your face. varied are his points and ideas that he is trying to expose through his poems. young as he is, we expect a lot from him.. continue to write and with experiences of life, you will write many more poems exposing your heart and soul and enriching us the readers with noble thoughts.
Joshua Adeyemi is a unique poet with a magnificent pen...At his young age, he can already explore the depths and widths of the unknown....Keep writing. More power to your pen.
He is a prolific writer that speaks with his pen using a term that varies to other terms. A great poet indeed, he his. I think, God himself sees to his case. Ride on poet! The Lord is your strenght! ! !