Adeyemi Joshua Quotes

'...Poetry Is Playing the game of words...'
Syllables form words, weaved-words form poetry...
Poetry is a game of words, who ever wins is the best poet.
An attempt on defining the real poetry in it's regalia.
Everyone is a student of the pen, As far as we breath, under it we'll learn.
We learn each day.
I don't believe rhyme kills the flow in a poem... I believe it's an incompetent poet that employs rhyme to kill the flow in his own work. Josh Berry
Many had told me rhyme kills the flow in a poem. But if that is truth, then why is Frost, Shakespeare, Blake's and other poets who used rhymes works are renowned and widely accepted.
'... Most renowned poets are not best because of what they can do. They are/were because they had their larger audience...'
If you're doing nonsense and have your audience, you'll do fine.
'... A poet should learn to hide multitude of emotions within few lines: Leaving his readers to be archeologists...'
That's it.