AP Adilson Pinto 05/04/1959

My name is Adilson Pinto, I am 58 years old, I am Professor of English and poet. I am also a photographic model: : I work with advertising. I was born to express myself! I don't know what it would be of me if I wouldn't have permision of expressing myself! I express myself writing and speaking. I would like to express myself trhough the music, but unfortunately God didn't give me this gift! But I am a poet so I am thankful! My first contact with the poetry was when I was in the primary school.

When I was in the high school I started to write my poems. In my city there was a newspaper and a poet called Dailor Varela was its leader. He published the poems from the city poets, including mine! I passed in his test and my poems were published! Not so long after I published my first book titled O AMOR DAS FERAS (The love of the beasts) , and after ROSA COR DE PAZ (Rose color of peace) and after SERENATA PARA SOFIA (Serenade to Sophia) and finally LÂMPADA DO SENHOR (Lord's Lamp) .

I recently won a medal from a poetical American Site because of a competition among poets: this was really a great happiness!

Today I write poems to Poemhunter and I also write educational articles for eLearning Industry, an American Site. which approaches educactional issues through modern technologies. Thank you very much. From São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brasil - Adilson Pinto.


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The more you wait peacefully the things to happen, the most they delay to happen because the Universe is dynamic, and only through a hard effort, a strong dedication the things really will happen!
Adilson Pinto

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This is so rich, sir. Jesus bless you at all.
A poet of rare talent.... thanks dear poet......///