• In A Dark Room On A Sunday

    When will you realise,
    That the sun follows your meditations,
    That the wind will raise its countenance,
    To the change in your seasons.... more »

  • Memory

    To the dreams that a yesterday has painted red,
    To the love that was and what could have been,
    To the anger, to the hatred, to the war you have seen,
    To my arms, to my heart, to my sheets, my bed.... more »

  • Neil Armstrong

    We sing the blues in milder tones,
    Tonight as the wind blows cold,
    We caress the darkness more softly now,
    Like the sand that the sea tries to hold.... more »

  • The Boddhisattva Tree

    Age my youth and pour it into your mould,
    I offer it gratis in exchange for your gold,
    Take my freedom and my ability to think,
    I will follow where you point and I will not blink.... more »

  • To The Grey

    Me and the mist,
    we got talking the other day,
    about black and white,
    about right and wrong,... more »

  • Wino's Wisdom

    The story of the old king and the sceptre of wine,
    Like diamonds showing the way to the sky,
    I try to tell the time by the hands of the clock tower,
    But its too high oh so high.... more »

  • Working Man

    There are creases on his face,
    Like dry river beds through scorched earth,
    He has eyes that look out in forlorn determination,
    Two points in space that look on in bitter mirth.... more »