AB Adolf Baloyi 16/07/1980

I was born and bred in Limpopo Province, in South Africa. I'm the greatest fan of jazz, classical, and soft rock music. My favorite jazz musician is a man from Greece called Yannis " YANNI" Chryssomallis.

I graduated with a National diploma in accounting through the University of South Africa, completed a National certificate in Property law and Conveyancing from INTEC College.

I am currently studying towards a Bachelor degree in Business Administration with Management College of Southern Africa. I have worked for the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality as a Data Analyst from 2004.


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I might not know an exact definition for love but I can feel it when its around and when I see it.

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Nice! I just wrote a poem named unmodified loveWait, I will share it here. UNMODIFIED LOVE by Henk Verhaeren Let’s turn our lives upside down. Until things are so entwined. That to release each other. We have to make visible Our invisible insides Let’s break all patterns.Into little pieces. So tiny and small.That they vanish. Into our breathing Let’s go so far apart Until our hearts break And heartbeats drop. In the intimacy of silence. Until nothing is left. Then unmodified love