my name is adrian barrientos. im 17 gunna be 18. im just a regular kid. i go to skool have a job and hangout with friends. i write peoms from time to time. i know they arnt the best but im not looking to be the best poet. i write to convert my feelings on to paper. so i can see a visual of wat i feel. thats all. but i love to get feedback. and thanx for reading my poems.


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Meeting You For The First Time

i catch my breath, breathe in breathe out
spending all this time trying to figure out
should i say hi?
ask your name or just walk by... more »


is it such a bad thing to want to get lost in your dreams?
i do it everyday
it allows me to explore the world in a different way
i travel to the ends of the earth in the back of my mind... more »

Natrual Disasters

I’m an earthquake, a wave of destruction in the lives of every person I meet
I work my way into the hearts of so many and they think I’m nice and neat
Then slowly I let the poison of my kind words infect them
I try to be a person that they feel comfortable with... more »

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permission to use poem 11 Mar 2019 06:31
How can I get permission to use part of a poem in a book I'm self publishing?