• Dreaming

    is it such a bad thing to want to get lost in your dreams?
    i do it everyday
    it allows me to explore the world in a different way
    i travel to the ends of the earth in the back of my mind... more »

  • How Do We Learn To Love?

    how do we learn to love
    is it passed from your mom and dad?
    or is it something we always had?
    is love always the same?... more »

  • Meeting You For The First Time

    i catch my breath, breathe in breathe out
    spending all this time trying to figure out
    should i say hi?
    ask your name or just walk by... more »

  • Natrual Disasters

    I’m an earthquake, a wave of destruction in the lives of every person I meet
    I work my way into the hearts of so many and they think I’m nice and neat
    Then slowly I let the poison of my kind words infect them
    I try to be a person that they feel comfortable with... more »

  • Our Love Is A Dangerous Thing

    our love is a dangerous
    it's like a bullet sitting in a gun waiting for someone to pull the trigger
    breathe in and surrender
    maybe one day this will all be better... more »

  • You Are Your Poem And I Am Mine

    feelings into words
    thoughts into a verse
    running through the endless space in my mind
    hurry! quick! write down this one line... more »