• Abandonment

    Some people say 'Things will get better! ',
    As far as I'm concerned my eyes will just get wetter,
    The tears that fall are often mis-shed,
    At least that's what I think when I lie my head...... more »

  • Breathe

    People have told me their opinions of me many times,
    Of them about ninety-nine percent are insults of many kinds,
    'Worthless' is usually used to describe everything about me,
    Except 'Uglier than roadkill' refers to my looks which are deadly,... more »

  • Fears

    There are few things that frighten me but what do are quite severe,
    Until I experience those things, what they are remains unclear,
    I guess from dealing with little fear it swells inside me,
    Because when I'm scared I have little sensibility,... more »

  • Friends Are All I Have Left

    Just as hate contaminates the heart,
    I taint any at all chance,
    In me for happiness to start,
    None though notice at first glance,... more »

  • Humanity

    In the beginning things are so black and white,
    With reckless abandon we dodge and ignore the spite;
    It's simple enough to just label 'wrong' and 'right',
    Blinded by our own creations - the very sources of our plight.... more »

  • 'Just An Accident'

    When I try to make things better it just seems they get worse,
    I cause things I don't mean to and 'getting better' is something I can't force,
    Should I give up because I cannot make things better?
    It tears me apart knowing I just make eyes wetter...... more »

  • Just Like Me

    Have you ever been in a state of confusion?
    In which all your emotions set the illusion,
    That you don't know how you're feeling and you don't know what you want?
    Even if you don't realize it it's terrible when it's you those bad thoughts haunt,... more »

  • My Existence

    Looking back at things I've done makes me regret being me,
    People around me shouldn't have to deal with whatever I seem to be...
    If I was never born the world would be a better place,
    At least, that's what I think... I'm a waste of space...... more »

  • My Happiness

    When I think of myself I see only empty space,
    Because to me I'm nothing but another face,
    Others however are completely priceless in my mind,
    It doesn't matter to me if they're not at all kind,... more »

  • On The Brink

    I cannot take the feeling any longer,
    Somehow I grow the opposite of 'stronger',
    All the things I've been through aren't that bad,
    But I guess I've gotten weak 'cause I'm mad...... more »

  • Shatter

    My life seems to be abuse and isolation,
    My self-esteem slowly decreasing in elevation.
    Life pushing to the ground but pulling me up to give me a little hope,
    Turns out life pulls me up to push me harder into a downward slope.... more »

  • Sleepless

    My life it drags me down, or to say it wears me out,
    The pain doesn't go away no matter how much I scream and shout,
    Bad things happen, good things happen, topped off with disaster,
    Brought to my knees again and again, each time giving in faster,... more »

  • Unsure Feelings

    One problem I have is crying,
    When I know I have friends still trying...
    The fact I lack almost any happiness confuses me,
    Though only few, I have great friends... am I just greedy?... more »