NIBSTEARS is an independent literary platform under the sponsorship of Adubi Literary Cave organisation that found her sole on the wide lane of promoting the literary communal world of every creatures in some years back, having Poet Loaded Akinwemimo Idris as the man in the shadow of the dancing pen in the midst of words voracious fingers.

NIBSTEARS conducts a monthly poetry contest with prize attachment for upcoming poets and poetess, do to create abode for upcoming poets seeking for a better place to pour our the flude of poetry in their clumsy throats. This month of February, " THE REEEST VERSES" is a captivating anthology of poems that prompts the poets all over the world to express their view on the intensity damage of out societal illness to the masses.

NIBSTEARS conducts Inter-school poetry competition among secondary pupils with prize attachments, she also has her tentacles in most tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

NIBSTEARS as well organizes online poetry, play and prose lectures on her site ( of which this has made her gotten millions of readers across the globe.

NIBSTEARS compiles poems for anthology for upcoming poets and the poems of her followers for entrenchment of poetry in the minds of poets and poetess and to serve as an encouragement for those poets who are being discouraged. Lastly, conduction of Poetry Festival is not being left out in her focus since many years back she started.



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