i am a man in my 20s in life. i was born in ekiti state nigeria and grew up in the in town. i am not so luky guy but i later found out that where i am is the best place to be.i attended 3 primary schools in ado ekiti, later to CHRISTS' SCHOOL, ADO-EKIT for my secondary school education. i later progressed to earned both ordinary national diploma and higher national diploma in Quantity surveying at FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC ADO-EKITI NIGERIA.


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Times Of The Day

It enhances the freshness of creation
Which is built in the rising of the sun
Never to stay long in life... more »

Never To Quench

Much i have learnt from life
But this little i can give
Never minding what it take
Nor the time it took... more »


He who search for power never find it
He who long for power never get it
He who runs after power will never reach it
He who wait for power will never meet it.... more »

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