• Go Light Your World

    Your days are numbered
    Your stay is for a while
    They are dash
    Which has an end.... more »

  • Never To Quench

    Much i have learnt from life
    But this little i can give
    Never minding what it take
    Nor the time it took... more »

  • Power

    He who search for power never find it
    He who long for power never get it
    He who runs after power will never reach it
    He who wait for power will never meet it.... more »

  • Remembrance

    To remember is to make
    An inprisonment of the thoughts
    Seizing the flow
    Of unborn thought.... more »

  • See Mind

    Roaring like the ebb
    Humming like the bee
    Groaning like the hungry child
    All goes on vividly.... more »

  • Sucess

    Sucess gliters at every corners of life
    Inviting every mind
    To the glory of it's majesty
    On the plain of reality.... more »

  • The Man Of Mankind

    Man is conveyed in three forms
    The man of the flesh
    The man of the mind
    And the man of the spirit.... more »

  • The Stone

    The stone of the stones
    From the stone
    In the stones
    Of all the stones.... more »

  • Times Of The Day

    It enhances the freshness of creation
    Which is built in the rising of the sun
    Never to stay long in life... more »

  • Turn For Real

    Catch the turn
    For the move
    Leave the empty crave
    With the dud... more »