working as an artist of variant genre

Exploring the soul within myself by carrying out the flames of the thoughts inside the volcano of my mind


Agnetha 001 Poems


The last night I was not able to sleep as well
Nightmares surrounded me like hell,
In them I see myself falling
Sometimes from mountains, sometimes from river stream... more »

Strange World

the world is full of transience and fakeness and so the people are,
no matter what i think and just matter who they are..... more »

Ooh Sleep

My mind is going out of the blues
Every color has become just hues,
I wanna lie down on my bed for long
Waiting for the deep sleep to sing a song,... more »

Agnetha 001 Quotes

Do not let burn yourself in the fire of your own thoughts
'Dreams are like fireflies, it makes you spellbound with its presence and shatter you with its absence'
Confusions are the swirls of the thoughts that is not having any end

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