AA Ahatisham Alam 24April1984

Got education M.Sc.(Physiology) & M.A.(English Literature) B.ed. and LL.B.
Now a preacher of English Language and physiology as well as the member of 'Indian Science Congress Association (I.S.C.A.Kolkata)
Urdu Gazals, Hindi Kavita & English Poems in all three languages.


Quotes (3)

True love grows in motherhood.
Love is nothing except lose and lose.
Ahatisham Alam
One moment of being alone opens a thousand doors sothat new people may come and accompany you.
Ahatisham Alam

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your poems are excellent. The reality of life has been expressed in a very soft manner. I love to read you again and again.
i like your poems they're very beautiful good luck