Ahmad Shiddiqi Comments (10)

Mashaallah, Beautiful poems. May you be blessed always, Ameen
most of the time sir shiqqi is really a great writer. One of the best!
lovable and tender your writings are
I love his poems because they come from his heart, weather he talks about love, sports, anything...he just puts both his heart and his mind...and that is the greatest thing a poet could have! and he is also unique because he adds his personal style in his poems, , , and the words speak for themselves, they reveal his personality...
actually, i like his poems the most.........i am honest.......he has a special way of writing....in addition, he is well educated.and i like this kind of people.......
Good use of stanzas - very good work
I would like to thankyou for your wonderful poetry-you write about many things and I can see your world through your poetry.Keep writing-you are truely wonderful.Namaste.
i could not find your mentioned minature pleasure and zesty as your post. Why
gutnait, what part of semarang you live in?
Bee Bee can sting, too. My answer to your question. With Regards Vida