• Adoring

    if you name your hair a rope
    whip my soul with it
    tighten my neck
    i am willing... more »

  • Longing For You Suffices I Cannot Say Come

    I cannot say come to you
    I cannot call you while I am like you
    I do not call you from climates far away
    before fears... more »

  • Love

    I come every morning to the beginning of this street
    thinking that you will pass from here
    I wait, wait, and wait…... more »

  • The Story

    time was yellow at that day
    like a leaf
    and the woman gave birth to betrayal
    pure of mother-of-pearl so shown... more »

  • Write My News To Your Agency

    i lost my mind
    since the moment i have seen you
    i found me a way
    go and go... more »