Guten Tag! I hope you're ready, because I'm about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, how my life happy. And if you're stalking me now, you're one of the reasons why:
He he I'm just bluffing with my introduction, well here it is...

Ich Liebe Dich Stalker! My real name is Aedh Christian Palen but you can call me Aian-4 short. A dapper-looking youth whose ambition is to be a businessman. I'm a good prospect for those who seek faithful friends. A simple ordinary boy but full of enthusiasm in different things. Personally, I am nice to look at and pleasant to talk with. This is putting modesty aside. I am fond of cooking, biking, swimming, traveling, playing piano tiles 2 in my android phone and music. I love reading books especially the Chronicles of Narnia but the most I loved of all the books I've read is the Thirteen Reasons Why who inspires me to write a poem, so thanks to Hannah Baker and the author of it (Jay Asher) . My wishes and desires is to have many friends all over the world, the realization of my dream, ambition and to travel someday as to be happy in the future. I have 4 Languages (Tagalog, English, Deutsch, Japanese) and one dialect (Bisaya) . Now I'm practicing the Deutsch (German Language) and it made myself happy when I pronounce the word correctly, the husband of my sister is German so it's not difficult for me to learn this language and guess what- -he said I have a good German accent (Charrot uy!) . I'm not good in my Japanese accent but I can say it smoothly, continuously, a sound of monotonously. I got attracted to pretty faces specially Baay (Hahaha menintion ko) but she's not my crush! I think it just like a hallucination between us. I admit that I have a feminine side (the way I move, talk, and socialize) but it doesn't count to ridicule me, I'm 100% straight and a little bit inscrutable. I'm an avid fan of Kim Domigo's Boobs, so voluptuous and glamorous. My favorite songs of the week are Sign of the Times, Only You, Slow Hands, Not Today, City of Stars, and Stay. My relationship status is Single, since my first girl friend broke up with me I learned a lot of things that I did not discover in myself on the past few years and she made me more mature after that Break Up Scene (January 21,2017) . I don't think that I will fall in love again this year (2017) because I promised myself that it's not the right time for me to fall in love though I'm too juvenile to enter the Kingdom of Love. I feel numb to it when I hear the word LOVE. I have my own Poetry Notebook where I can write anything I want, more on Sad Poem.

Love me for who I am,
Not just liking me because you desire me of what I have now,
But loving me with all your heart is enough.

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Instagram: @aianpalen.ig
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Twitter: @AianJhayPalen
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FB's 2nd Account: Aedh Christian Palen
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Talk to me: 09999457758 {^_^}

Tshus! Pass auf dich auf.


Aian Jhay Palen Poems

Dear Writer

Wisdom of your thoughts,
Filled it with your wonder words.
Write and tell the world.... more »

Touch Of You

The worlds collide
when your hand touched my skin.
A blast of humiliation,
devouring me.... more »

A Crush To The Last

Beautiful skin of snow,
thine beauty makes thee glow.
A mesmerizing smile of yours,
strikes myself to blow.... more »

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