Aida F. Santos (a.k.a. Aida Santos-Maranan) – human rights advocate, writer, researcher, educator, trainer, feminist. Aida has been a grantee of literary awards in the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Gawad Gantimpala and The Free Press literary contest. She was a writing Fellow for the UP Creative Writing Center.

In September 2005, Aida launched her first cd book entitled 'Pana-panahon: Isang Tanong, isang sagot at iba pang tula', which is part of a cd book series organized by Akdang_Bayan. The 26-poem collection was co-produced with Gray Matter Multi Media, Inc. and marks another milestone in her literary career. She has earlier published three anthologies of award-winning poems.

The Aida F. Santos Writing Workshop, launched in October 2005 is another pioneering endeavor at mentoring women in writing. The writing workshop has spun off a group of women writers called Women in Bliss Writers Circle.

Aida has published more than 100 articles, poems, books, monographs and opinion columns. She has also been involved in two video production, one produced by BBC with Mowelfund called “Women of the Bases – Continuing Lives” as scriptwriter and member of the Philippine Women’s Video Collective.

Aida taught women’s studies at the masteral program at St. Scholastica’s College (SSC) and served as coordinator of its precursor women’s studies non-degree program.

As a pioneer in the women’s liberation movement, she co-founded several groups. She is a founding member of the Gender Resource Network (GRN) , a professional association of gender and development specialists technical assistance providers. She is an independent consultant to various local and international organizations.


Aida Santos Poems

Arrivals And Departures

for P.

We wrapped the bamboo neatly... more »

Saying Farewell

if you could only touch
the warmth inside my body
you will burn
as i burn with the look... more »

Loving Differently

If loving me differently
is the tight embrace of our thighs
the crescendo of kisses on necks and lips
breeze-like whispers of broken words... more »

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