AF Aiden Florence


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Chasin.. It is your fault that I'm here.. So therefore I shall write a few words here.. hehe.. Those who stop by at his page.. Please read his work.. It is amazing, heartfelt and beautiful.. I'm in love with his work.. What he writes are stuff that you sometimes miss in the big wide world.. Something words only can convey Into the recesses of one's chaste heart... Love and Beauty.. All My Love, Seraphine aka the fav Butter lol
What's gone is here What's here is gone There's a man in the boy The boy sings a song Darkness is light Light turns to dark This poet has alot to say He'll show you what he's got. Hah Im silly sorry. Anyway's this is a wonderful person and he's work shows for it. You'd do quite well to take the time and read a few things from him. You may see something you hadnt before.