• A Flock

    steal their idea, but create your lyric

    A philphosphy overdone
    A hope forgotten... more »

  • A Gift

    Every privillege has a consequence
    For something that permits you
    As well as restrict you
    If the perpgative admits your pride... more »

  • A Shade Of Blue

    Perspectives differ from the eyes
    of the beholder
    If the eyes are the windows
    to the soul....... more »

  • Allies With Self

    Alligance to one
    to the prophesied
    to myself in dews
    I must pay if faulter... more »

  • Assumed

    My ancestors sold to their white masters.
    And soon their bodies become trees of tainted fruit.... more »

  • Be Quiet And Drive

    Caressing your dark brown hair,
    our hands were merged as one
    I felt at ease and that I was of some worth... more »

  • Canopy Of Closure

    a world must become numb
    as society's social chain
    advances through our empty
    windows... more »

  • Chaos

    God's wrath, ruins of ancient
    cities brewing and men in uproar
    open mouths of hunger
    open legs of Mabs... more »

  • Curiousity

    The sense of
    and abstruse
    thought... more »

  • Deadly Sin

    *I dedicate this poem to Shane, thanks for being my inspiration*

    Pride is always the fall for those
    who exceed in it too much... more »

  • Ethereal's Keep

    A flower's nectar of sweet
    A bee's stinger of defiance
    A kiss welcome to hurt
    An eye's sheds a tear... more »

  • Flattered Her Angel

    a message she sends
    to her friend
    conversation begins
    as she mentions her devil... more »

  • Flight

    The secret silence is more than i bestow
    forgive me, the fool
    for I mistaken your grace
    of dews of loose lips... more »

  • Glutton

    Subside self
    A suffocating conception
    we must fill
    the quite demise plan... more »

  • Heavenly Kept

    Blink, and all have left
    the dove in dome
    Speak and all has worshiped
    a false heaven... more »

  • Minding

    If let them
    create me, they'll
    deterime my tongue
    If i let them touch me... more »

  • Night

    O'Brute, who marches
    in unison of Hitler's slanders
    He comes as The Aryan
    who's witty smiles impress Us... more »

  • Ode To An Enemy

    O' Brute one, i've praise you
    for you and your troubled ways
    brought me contempt in me
    But no, i have not shown it, you gave me strength... more »

  • Plurals Of Sigh

    how simple worlds
    can magnify into dews of strife
    combust the flower's hearts
    strip it from its petals... more »

  • Point Of View

    My ancestors sold to their white masters.
    And soon their bodies become trees of tainted fruit.... more »

  • Repetition Of Life

    Hands of the skilled will mold
    you to the typical
    For once, resist another repeat
    another releaspe... more »

  • Revelations

    By the Almighty tacit approval of skies guardians,
    the sevens angels of the seven plagues
    poured their merciless misfortuans into the sea
    one by one... more »

  • Solace

    my own sanity of self is
    slipping away
    became a transient fragment of dreams
    drawing back its foundations;... more »

  • Spiral

    Do i dare, lie beneath
    thine inclined enemy?... more »

  • Tainted Juice

    I've forgiven a betrayl
    Yet it burdens my soul
    She truly loves the presence of this devil
    As I bestow my kindess of her... more »