• All Of My Life

    All of my life,
    I was searching for a real love,
    Loved ones come and go,
    Believe they are the one,... more »

  • Farewell My Love

    Farewell to you my love,
    I can't longer give you my heart,
    I kept my love for a long time,
    Waiting for you to come back.... more »

  • For The Last Time

    For the last time,
    Let me tell you this once more,
    I Love You,
    And I mean it so true.... more »

  • Heartbreak

    The hurt of love, extreme pain of my heart,
    Overflowing in my spirit emotion,
    Thoughts of my mind waftling across the shore,
    Beyond a shadow of my doubt,... more »

  • Hold Me Dear

    Hold me close to your heart,
    Save the night from the cold of love,
    Embrace me with your loving arms,
    Don't let this love passes by on your life,... more »

  • Take Me To Your Heart

    Take me to your heart,
    Ignore me not for I am alive,
    With flesh and blood,
    Hardships brewed in my life.... more »

  • When I Found You

    When I found You,
    My life begin to leap, flickering like a star in the sky,
    A diamond on a ring, imperfect by it cuts,
    With the rays of the sun sparkle the true colours of my heart.... more »