• A Poem By David 'My Life'

    Written by David when he was about..15?

    There is no life,
    there is no heart.... more »

  • And He Loves You

    While we are here on earth
    we hear (from a certain majority)
    do unto others as you would want them to do unto you
    be kind... more »

  • Anxiety Attack

    Where are you?
    Where the phuck are you?
    It's 2: 21 a.m.
    My lungs are collapsing... more »

  • Dna

    Four years ago today I had a perfect courthouse wedding
    by perfect I mean short, godless and not a lot of people
    Too many people for my liking, but still not a lot
    I always wish we would have eloped and taken 2 friends... more »