I have been writing poetry since I was only seven years old and my dad bought me my first journal. I am currently working on a collection of poems called The Year of the Poem, and a part of that collection is The Elizabeth Series. You can find all of my work at theyearofthepoem.tumblr.com


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As You Leave

I will miss you as the days between talking give way to months,
as the inches between us slip into miles,
as the state lines separating us grow in number,
as the memory of your face starts to fade,... more »


I like you a whole lot.
It sounds childish, but it's true.
I am sure there are more beautiful ways
to say that, but sometimes, certain things... more »


Sometimes, I get lost in
the cacophony of insults
and expletives we hurl at each other,
and forget why we are even fighting,... more »

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