• An Apology (An Attempt At)

    I hope that you're alright.

    I hope that you've quit smoking,
    and managed to slow your drinking.... more »

  • An Awfully Long Time

    I am going to miss you
    for an awfully long time.

    Late at night, when the terrors... more »

  • As You Leave

    I will miss you as the days between talking give way to months,
    as the inches between us slip into miles,
    as the state lines separating us grow in number,
    as the memory of your face starts to fade,... more »

  • Butterfly Sanctuary

    You have to swear to me
    that you won't look at me any differently
    If I open my mouth and all of the butterflies
    you brought to life in my stomach... more »

  • Comes Up Empty

    It's all empty,
    the whiskey glass,
    my bed sheets,
    the 'I love you's,... more »

  • Holy Water

    I am not a religious woman,
    but given half the chance,
    I would call in sick every Sunday
    to worship at the temple of your body.... more »

  • In A Drawer

    Today, I brought home your ashes.
    I held you in my arms and begged for alchemy,
    but tears and ashes do not mix to form you.... more »

  • Love Would Ruin This

    There is no love here,
    that's not what this is about.
    It's about flesh on flesh,
    mouth to mouth,... more »

  • Memory

    Sometimes, I get lost in
    the cacophony of insults
    and expletives we hurl at each other,
    and forget why we are even fighting,... more »

  • Natural Disasters

    I have been searching for a fault line,
    some great divide where we could
    hide all of our guilt, so that when
    our friends ask what went wrong,... more »

  • Not Like That Beatles Song

    I hate to say this because it is not usually
    the kind of girl I am, but Jesus Christ,
    do I want to hold your goddamn hand.... more »

  • Remnants

    I can still hear my name
    tumbling around on the
    tip of your tongue,
    like a song you loved,... more »

  • Simple

    I like you a whole lot.
    It sounds childish, but it's true.
    I am sure there are more beautiful ways
    to say that, but sometimes, certain things... more »

  • Sunflower

    It is mid Spring, and my sunflower
    is outgrowing the flowerpot
    it has spent its whole life in.... more »

  • The World Is On Fire

    The whole world is burning,
    and the smoke smells like
    hypodermic needles and
    dead children.... more »

  • There Will Be Healing

    It will be painful for a while,
    it is going to eat away at you.
    Of course it will sting a bit
    as all disinfectant stings.... more »