• Stand Up

    This poem was written by me, Aimee Niree Dowell, I am a freshman right now in highschool and none of my poems are in books.

    You’re so stubborn it’s beyond my beliefs. I cannot stand you and your modesty.
    Stand up. Shake it off. Be arrogant; be sure of your self.... more »

  • Waiting

    I’ve been waiting for the wrong day
    to say everything that I've had to say;
    I don't want you to go, I don't want to stay
    everyone you know is an ass, everyone I know is gone.... more »

  • Why Does It Have To Be, That You'Re Starting To Hate Me?

    im hating this more and more
    every time i take the floor to
    stand up and voice my opinion.
    everyday i plead for everything to return to normal once again,... more »