• The Truth Behind My Eyes

    The stars above are shining
    upon my smiling face.
    You are holding me so tightly
    I can hear your heartbeat race.... more »

  • Then You Wake

    You look so calm,
    so peaceful lying there in bed.
    Even the drool dribbling to the pillow...
    well, at least it's entertaining.... more »

  • Things I'Ll Never Say

    These scars that I bear
    released my pain
    many years ago.
    Each has a story to tell.... more »

  • Things Just Aren'T The Same

    I used to find comfort in your love,
    now it makes me curl away.
    Your hugs that used to seem so soft,
    have rendered me afraid.... more »

  • This Hurts

    I need someone to hold me
    tightly against their chest.
    I want somebody I can call in the middle of the night
    when the prospect of 'alone'... more »

  • This Time Around

    Have you ever gotten tired
    of going in circles?
    Retracing steps along a path
    you had sworn never to walk again?... more »

  • To Write Of Heartache

    It’s dark
    and cold
    and raining.
    The kind of night... more »

  • Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow

    legs are crossed
    eyes closed tight
    fight back the tears
    that long to fall... more »

  • Tonight, You Are Mine

    A flash of a smile
    from across the room.
    A stare unbroken
    by those who walk by.... more »

  • Touched

    You inspire me
    to be perfect.
    And as hard as I may strive,
    I am not.... more »

  • Trip To Moab... Again

    The sun slowly makes its journey into the sky
    the canyon begins to turn to its state of red
    rocky landscape as far as the eye can see
    from this boulder next to the RV... more »

  • Unbearable Realization

    I want to see a loving face and gentle eyes.
    I want to feel a hand intertwined with mine.
    I want to hear someone say they love me,
    and know they really mean it.... more »

  • Walking On

    Glowing bulbs light the way
    Talking trees surround
    Cozy little homes
    With families gathered 'round... more »

  • Was She Worth It?

    I hope one day
    it happens to you.
    It happened to me
    and I've done it.... more »

  • Welcome To Reality

    The trees may stand tall
    and the grass may be green,
    but there is more beyond.
    Ugliness can be seen.... more »

  • What Wasn'T There

    Do you ever question
    the sweet words that I would whisper?
    Did you wonder if I felt
    the way I my eyes suggested?... more »

  • What You Do To Me

    I look into your eyes
    and see the hunger for my soul.
    I feel your fingers touch my skin;
    I can't help but lose control.... more »

  • When Forever Ends

    Today is the day when forever ended.
    He said he'd love me forever.
    I guess this is when forever ends.... more »

  • Where Are You Now?

    The room around me is
    The smell of stale sex lingers in the air.
    even after a week since... more »

  • Who Am I? I Am Hatred

    I fill the hearts of many
    I make them act in dishonest ways
    I hurt those who won't let me in
    I am a parasite who uses My host to full extent... more »

  • Wooden Cabin Porch

    The soft wood of my rustic cabin porch
    cools my legs.
    The ripples seen in the wooden planks
    are matched upon my skin.... more »

  • Would-Be Birthday

    Today is your would-be birthday
    You would be 23 today
    but you aren't here.
    You would be living a life... more »

  • You Make Me Happy

    You make me smile,
    You make me laugh,
    You please me again,
    and again, and again.... more »

  • You Were Right There

    I hold on to these memories of you
    even though you're happier with her.
    I toss and turn at night
    as you invade my dreams.... more »

  • You Will Forget Me

    I'm not quite sure
    what it is about me
    that makes me so forgettable.
    People don't seem to understand,... more »