• A Lie I Told Myself Once

    It never occured to me
    that it would come so suddenly
    A look brought on by intimacy
    A touch from beauty created... more »

  • Always Tripping...

    Always tripping up cos'
    my gaze was in the skies
    worshipping the stars
    and the way they... more »

  • Corozone Of Mine

    I hate that I can't stop thinking about you.
    I hate that I thought I was over it. Us.
    I hate that I love us.
    I hate that I have knots in my stomache when i think of you.... more »

  • Home

    Red, Tan, Yellow.
    Sand of my youth.
    Bright orange, ocean sunsets.
    The smell of hot summer rain on the asphalt.... more »

  • Illusion Of Trust

    When trust divided
    our two worlds collided
    into a succession of smiles
    It gave us some reason... more »

  • Music (A Dream I Once Had)

    I cannot embrace the feeling I used to live for.
    It's not there anymore, it's not where it should be.
    In my soul, lighting the fire that used to be in my eyes.
    It's somewhere in the wind, sometimes I feel it rush past my ears.... more »

  • Song 1

    We came to this disrepute
    Unchallenged, your ego soared
    While I cowered in your painful light
    All the time I wanted to run... more »

  • Still

    Running away, but I'm standing still
    my mind flies through time
    I am standing shoulder to shoulder
    with the people I emulate,... more »

  • Stop!

    Stop! yelling at me
    Im telling the truth
    Stop! hurting me
    Im bleeding already... more »

  • To Begin Again...

    As you lift your eyes up to the sky
    see me clear in this new light
    It's not as if I was ever gone
    just a burnt copy of what I used to be... more »