• Boy Friend..

    You make me laugh,
    You're so smart,
    You're caring eyes,
    Softens my heart.... more »

  • Dog House

    This place is kinda crampy,
    The carpet is torn and stained.
    There is no tub or shower,
    It really is quite lame.... more »

  • If I Were Me...

    If I were me, I would fly, a place where nobody knows.. Some place special, where nobody goes, a place where nobody chose.

    If I were me, I would know, something nobody knows. The meaning of life? How it started? Something like that i suppose...... more »

  • Linger

    I close my eye's,
    And I still see,
    You laying there in the nude.... more »

  • Misunderstandings

    I thought I was a simple man, an easy way of life. But one of mental toughness, a mind just like a knife.

    But recent days have told me, things might not be as sound. My words and thoughts are not the same,
    At least that's what I have found.... more »

  • Mothers Day..

    When I was young, my mom once said, son one day you will see…

    Life is tough, it’s a struggle, and hard times there will be.... more »

  • Stabbing Wound

    Something's not the same, something feels so wrong.
    It's like a faded memory, it's like a broken song.

    I don't know what it is, that makes me feel this way.... more »

  • Stew..

    When work gets stressful,
    And you're feeling blue.

    You wanna quit,... more »

  • Tired

    I know you're tired,
    maybe cranky,
    Wishing you were in bed.... more »

  • Up's And Downs

    'You know when things are special, and things are so brand new. It feels like Christmas morning, like a morning dew'.

    Laughs are shared, things are easy, and time is flying by. I'm so happy, this is great, I really like this guy.... more »

  • We

    I’m not mad, I’m still me, there's no moppey face.
    I understand, things moving fast, we just need some space.
    Someday soon, things will change, just you wait you'll see.
    When things are right, our lives will blend, our love becomes a 'we'.... more »