• Again And Again

    Again and Again

    Drizzling Drops on an Evening
    Shining Crops on travelling... more »

  • Crawling Human

    Oh! Spherical earth

    Does Your nature make people to roll from place to place?... more »

  • Deaf And Dumb

    Deaf and Dumb

    Cryed on birth
    Blabbered on Infant... more »

  • Face Masks

    Oh! Nature

    If the face masks of humans are same... more »

  • Fear Of Life

    Why do you fear to live?

    You have many people to perform before you... more »

  • Fertile And Infertility

    Fertile in India

    Infertility in India... more »

  • Freedom On Science

    India got freedom by people's
    who shed their blood
    If they spent only sweat and tears... more »

  • Leaves


    Leaves on the tree
    Leaves on the creed... more »

  • Noises And Essence

    Noises of horns
    Essence of tambouras

    What will happen When horns becomes tambouras?... more »

  • Oh! Birds

    Oh! birds your hardwork results in feeding termites

    Oh! humans your smartwork of destroying trees to live like a snake... more »

  • School India

    Dear Friends,

    A small fiction story from Manakavingyan on petrol for bike riders... more »

  • Stone

    Stone can be god
    Stone can be a mile stone
    Stone can be a weapon
    Stone can be a shelter... more »

  • Sunday


    Holidays on summer
    Sweaty faces on shower... more »

  • Tree's Fate

    Why the human split the doors and windows from the Trees?

    We waited to see the split up relationship when peeped over it... more »

  • We

    Flown birds from trees
    Fallen leaves from trees

    You birds hid on greenish trees... more »

  • Womb

    Feeling enjoyed on rain
    Do remember you are in womb

    Thinking you are fatigued... more »