• A Happy Death

    The time has come for me at last
    As I pass from this world to my last
    Although it was fun I had a blast
    You got too know me well in the past... more »

  • A Letter To You

    ... more »

  • A Little Insight

    i always feel alone never having anyone at home im always trying to catch a bone i feel i am over grown relapses of growing up in the hood i was never understood im short and fat with red hair and freckles i guess when i was a kid felt like Dr.jekyll no one to play with i was outcasted i was alone i never felt at home i grew up waiting for the end i had to pretend like i had a friend i died inside trying to find places to hide this soul of mine the heart... more »

  • A Poem

    A poem of mind that may rhyme for all time
    A poem of heart that ı will love to start
    A poem of time that will bind to the mind
    A poem of lust that has been bust... more »

  • A Story Called Fighting [explicit Content]

    it was December 19,2011 i was at this park and there was this guy named ricko but everyone called him chucky they says it was always because he was always doing someone in but i was at the park when he came at first he just pointed at me and i just replied... more »

  • A Womens Worth

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  • Akilleas Pain

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  • Amour Sincere (True Love)

    giving my life to you is what i will do
    sharing my soul with you I will gladly do
    thinking of you is never through being with you is always true having you I will do knowing you is a privilege to... more »

  • Being There

    ... more »

  • Cinderella Man

    You are the Cinderella and
    I want to be the man to take your hand and help
    you stand to be your man in all the land
    the glass has fallen from your foot and... more »

  • Connection

    She tells me she loves me how do I know do I hold her heart just for show
    Will I keep it in my chest will they beat as one or will I be her greatest one... more »

  • Development Of A Heart

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  • Empty Life

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  • Expressions

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  • Falling From The Sky

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  • Going Away

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  • Half Eaten Heart

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  • I Cry To

    cry when im mad and sometimes I just feel bad my eyes water just like yours
    I cry because its normal but that you may never see but it happens to me... more »

  • I Have A Lover

    She loves me so she loves me not she tells me so a lot
    I plea with her with what she feels she scolds me with all her fears
    She makes me believe in her words
    By telling me things I have never heard she makes me smile for a while... more »

  • I Remember

    I remember riding my tricycle
    I remember his face as
    it became frozen in its place
    I remember the car that came around the corner with... more »

  • It Ended Today

    She was that lady in my life that I always wanted to be there to have me care to love me and me to love her
    But I know I was wrong she had too much going on with all the boys and all that time she had she never had time for me but I had time for thee
    But it ended today in the strangest way I did not stop her I did not plea I did not beg her to stay I know she never loved me anyway
    But its okay I knew this day was bound to come I have too many problems this is just another one she is just another memory in my glands that I wish I never had oh well to bad... more »

  • Its Time

    its time i try hard maybe even go hard i will not lose this world of
    mine i will not lose the girl so kind she is mine and to me she is divine but maybe its time for me to seek and find this love of mine
    will she come to me or run from me i will have to see maybe she will be mine for all time or maybe she will hurt me this time will i detain will she help me remain will i ever be able to call her name and she
    stand in the middle of the door frame and say to me yes sweetie and i just smile for a while or will it be a sick dream of mine that i have been having for a time knowing she will never be mine... more »

  • Just My Father

    ... more »

  • Just Writing

    A poem not about love or life or the women I use to love twice or how my heart was broken or how I'm out spoken
    But just a poem just something to write not about fright or things I see at night but just something to write no more love for me I have cast it out to see its time... more »

  • Let Me

    I will live my life the way I want to who are you

    I will do things the way I want them done not by you... more »