• Art Of Mother Nature

    She loves mother nature.
    She is like a flower.
    A flower that makes me a smile.
    Her presence is like a sweet fragrance.... more »

  • Death

    I feel you always.
    You are my first thought,
    When I wake up in the morning.
    How can't I think of you? Cause,... more »

  • Euphoric Rain

    I opened the window and the fresh air blow upon my face.
    The clouds are getting darker now.
    I lingered near the window for the rain.
    Swiftly rain came down.... more »

  • Haunted Love

    I'm a loner,
    The thoughts of you torture me every moment.
    I don't have sleep in my eyes at nights,
    Why have you left me alone?... more »

  • Her Sleep

    She went to sleep.
    I love watching her sleep.
    I love listening to her breath.
    Her breath is soft and low while beating her heart slowly.... more »

  • I Can't Stop Thinking Of You

    I looked at the clock,
    It says 2: 30am.
    Knowing you are sleeping
    This time you run through my head... more »

  • I Still Miss You

    Every day I spent without you,
    Make me miss you so much.
    I long to feel your eloquent and redolent presence.
    Every day if I could see you,... more »

  • I Wish

    You are always on my mind.
    Every time i close my eyes,
    Your charm face flashes and
    My heart starts to beat fastly.... more »

  • Ignored Love

    You waved me on the middle of-
    Ocean with my love.
    I'm alone there,
    Don't know what to do my self?... more »

  • Living In Your Memories

    More lonely in days when I miss you,
    as now it is forever as you left me forever.
    Tears of sorrow filled my heart and soul,
    As you left me without saying a word.... more »

  • Missing You

    I'm missing you horribly like crazy.
    I think I'm going mad.
    I simply can't stop thinking of you,
    And we used to spend together.... more »

  • My Obsession

    There's one name for my inspiration "Arya".
    A girl who always has her head held high.
    A gorgeous girl, a paragon of beauty and grace.
    She has a beautiful soul that covered with a delightful body.... more »

  • Please Come Back Soon

    You were on my head when I woke up this morning.
    Oh! Just passed one more year without you.
    Here's another new year came up.
    But I can't face this year without you.... more »

  • Presence

    When it hurts so bad,
    why does it feel so good?
    I wish this all made sense.
    Not having you here with me is tearing me up inside,... more »

  • Princess In The Daisy Garden

    She walked through the garden,
    on the warm summer's day.
    She might be walked a lot untill found a perfect spot.
    Soft white daisy petals was opend with the sun while she arrived.... more »

  • Silence

    Silence is the only sound I hear.
    I see the only darkness.
    I'm screaming on the inside,
    But no one listens.... more »

  • Terribly Miss You

    I miss you terribly,
    I hate not getting your touch.
    This pain is unbearable.
    I still remember your delightful eyes.... more »

  • You're Mine Only In Dream

    I see you everyday,
    I see you every moment.
    I see you your charm smile-
    that fill my soul with desires.... more »