Hi. I have no great pretensions of being the next William Shakespeare, TS Eliot or, closer home, Rabindranath Tagore. Am here to just put pen to my thoughts, give words to my feelings, and share my deepest love, despair and fears with myself, through the medium of verses. Anyone who feels anything about the poems penned down here is free to voice their opinions...


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Life's Lovely

What do I want
When the day ends in a whisper-
What do I seek when the world goes silent?
They say I am crazy -... more »

Hope Floats

Even as things go downhill
And life becomes hell
Hope floats
Even as the world deserts you... more »

वक़्त के साये -Shadows Of Time

वक़्त की दहलीज़ पे जाने कितने ख़्वाब टूट गए
हर साया अपना बन कर आया हर साये के हाथ छूट गए

कुछ लम्हों की कुछ सदियों की इंतज़ार में ही तो गुज़री ज़िन्दगी है... more »

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