• Awake India

    Where the mind is without fear and the dread is far away,
    here courage is key.

    Where garland is not soaked into detachments of hollow hectic calls.... more »

  • Dawned For Dreams

    Deepest desires are demanded in despair
    "I Wish", spinning fates on falling stars.

    Directions of desires: dimensions, knocking on the closed eyes to see.... more »

  • Esteemed Treasure

    There were fire fumes like fraction of time
    There were crimson gold flowing rivers actions of thine

    On sand dunes of dessert-ed hill... more »

  • Simply Complex Time

    The sundown sky, belittle my earthly attire.
    Sparkling stars, equivalent to desires
    Tempting me to be cursed by deadly nights.... more »

  • The Chaos Of Brain And Heart

    The chaos in her mind was like the wires attached to the heart
    The chaos in her heart was like the blades of the knife to the mind
    Perplexed with infinite memories that were counted to breath
    Next to her was a wandering soul of time making tons of sound... more »

  • The Emerald Greenwood

    Greenwood honor,

    May she meet divulge, to those held in petals and leaves,
    For consent entreated, with the ambled pace she moves.... more »

  • The Pebbles

    Ouch, it hurts, my foot, said the voice
    Oh, the pebbles.

    My eyes, it hurts, said that twice,... more »

  • Winter Night

    Don't ask me about the winter night
    There were stars and moon, was light
    There were shivers, trembles and the frostbites
    Even a single matchstick produced warmth and heat... more »