Al-Afwah al-Awdī, Ṣalāʾa b. ʿAmr (first half sixth century C.E.), was an Arab poet of the pre-Islamic period. He was the chieftain of his tribe, the Banū Awd. A small dīwān, extant only in a single copy, has been enriched, in the two editions of his poetry, by various fragments from other Arabic sources. Most of the poems are devoted to the warlike virtues of his tribe and its chief. Al-Afwah is counted among the first poets who composed qaṣīdas, but no clear specimen of this genre has been transmitted; in fact, only two poems have a rhyme in the first half-verse. Of interest for the history of rithāʾ…


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A House Can'T Be Built

A house can't be built unless with pillars
And there's no pillar if the bases aren't firm... more »


There is no benefit to a leaderless people
when disorder reigns, and they... more »

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