• Acrostic

    I HOLD thee ever in my heart; absent, Mu'tamid prays
    That endless as his tearful nights may be thy pleasant days,... more »

  • Death

    My share of life is finished; I am laid
    On my death-bed.
    Did he not die, our father Adam, also,... more »

  • Go Not, Beloved and Cruel

    Go not, beloved and cruel; I have not strength
    To say farewell to thee, thou canst not go!
    Behold the fountain of my tears at length... more »

  • The Fountain

    The sea hath tempered it; the mighty sun
    Polished the blade,
    And from the limpid sheath the sword leaps forth;... more »

  • The Physician

    Pale fingers of the drowsy dawn have rent
    The garment of the night, and thou, beloved,
    Tearest the sad weeds of my discontent... more »

  • To Salma, from Battle

    Salma, Salma, have I forgotten thee?
    In the glow of the fight I remember the night
    When we parted;... more »

  • Woo Not the World

    Woo not the world too rashly, for behold,
    Beneath the painted silk and broidering,
    It is a faithless and inconstant thing.... more »