• 22 Year Old Magician

    I met a 22 year old magician today.
    He showed me a trick.
    He had done nothing but smile at me.... more »

  • A Bed Of Violets

    Graveled paths cutting through the wooden acres,
    Gales blowing through oceans of green.
    Surrounded by nature and all things pure,
    A truly harmonious scene.... more »

  • Beauty In The Sea

    Blond Lady,
    Standing in the sea.
    Golden skinned beauty,
    Perfection to see.... more »

  • Fire Lay With Me

    e, lay with me

    Absolute silence,
    I could hear a pin drop.... more »

  • Grandma Said

    Grandma always said, 'This too shall pass.' I think of this at three am when the cat is kneading the spare pillow on my bed. If I was to die tonight I think I would like to come back as whiskey. Just as strong and just as necessary.

    Potent, yet oozes of strength and class, the way Grandma was. Though if I came back as a cat, that would be just as good, cute and cunning and limber, no matter how far they fall they always land on their feet, sounds ideal.... more »

  • Health Is Your Wealth

    Broken bones, tormented souls,
    and everything in between.
    Bound to bed, or head filled with dread,
    One as bad as the other.... more »

  • Sad Clown

    Laughing on the out
    Crying on the in.

    Smiling and, jocular.... more »

  • Tea (A Friend To Everyone)

    As good and bad have come and gone,
    The humble plant continues on.
    Bore in the earth it made its way,
    From the orient to modern day.... more »

  • The Garden

    The Nettles and Ivy lay hand in hand,
    Mingled with the garden flowers.
    Kindred and cosy in their patch,
    While luring prey to their web.... more »

  • These Days

    Tender as I start my week,
    A journey with no ember.
    Dreary days be all the same,
    Pointless to remember.... more »

  • Through The Colored Skies

    Through the skies that I glide,
    And to the left of my lay,
    Was the bird’s wing, and a colorful gaze.
    The oceans of sky were Curtained by clouds,... more »