• A Blue Moon

    Floating in the shrouded sky,
    Emitting an aura, while it flies.
    Obscured behind thick, dark clouds,
    'A beacon of Hope' I think aloud.... more »

  • Autumn

    Autumn slowly creeps along,
    dyeing leaves both red and brown.
    Sending blades and gales of wind,
    to blow and slice them to the ground.... more »

  • Heaven

    The watery night, calmly fills up the sky,
    silver light spreads out
    from a small sliver of the moon.
    Strolling along a glistening beach,... more »

  • Rain's Gratitude

    I sit and stare out the greying window,
    With blank and unseeing eyes.
    Knowing that the fresh clouds rolling in
    And the winds rattling the wooden frames... more »

  • The Stories Of Wind

    As I ran towards the cliff,
    I felt the screaming winds
    Telling a story I can’t hear
    From other worlds and near.... more »

  • Theme For English B

    Theme for English B
    By Alan Chen

    The instructor said... more »