Born and raised in oxfordshire, england. Discovered the power of words at around age 16 when a poem written about a recently ex girlfriend found it's way into her possession... she wasn't an ex much longer after that. Have been writing on and off since, the inspiration comes in short intensive bursts, lasting only a number of weeks.

Influenced by the American Beat Generation, and especially Charles Bukowski, with a no nonsense approach to the language used in the poems.

Currently live near Henley-On-Thames in the south Oxfordshire with my girlfriend and our son.


Alan Goodenough Poems

It Makes Me Happy To See You Cry

it makes me happy
to see you cry.
acid tears melt the
stone around my heart... more »

Don'T Ever Change

Spanish girls adorn the bar.
Smoke lines the air,
hanging with hidden intent.
Street lights stream through the windows... more »

Chocolate Kisses

ugly, heavyset curtains
block the light from passing cars
the kettle boils as the TV lights the room
i lay naked... more »

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