• Beyond The Light Horizon

    Touch us with your cosmic fingers
    From a place beyond the known universe
    Long before the Thinite kings
    A strong creative flow... more »

  • Lovers

    Dawn of time, as shores of sand,
    We live this life as woman and man,
    Through eternity, we explore the sky,
    Together, shared souls, past heaven we fly... more »

  • River Of Time

    Floating along on a river of time
    A riverboat gambler on a boat named Sublime
    You dance in the red cabaret of my heart
    Together through the universe we’ve paddle wheeled from the start... more »

  • The Garden

    Looking through clear panes of glass to the outside
    I watch you working in the garden
    Undisturbed, in harmony with nature
    The rich soil being massaged with your loving hands... more »

  • The Only Citizen In The City Of None

    Echoes through the sterile canyons
    Served up in guttural shrieks of fear
    Explorative cries of misunderstanding
    Oh, the self-realization is near... more »

  • Voyager

    Sunburst through her lemon hair
    Like fingers of gold
    Her inner beauty
    Captures my soul... more »