• A Dreadful Sinner

    A dreadful sinner forever I stayed
    With curse of Lord and people and myself
    And not a bit is easier me to be
    In spite of all this never was my guilt.... more »

  • About God

    God gave all us ambitions and desire,
    Sometimes a money and a title too,
    But, when a soldier hears command ''Fire! '',
    Believe me, nothing is to do.... more »

  • Cease Of Love

    I saw you in the street when you said ''Farewell''
    And I had nothing to say
    And the first raindrops fell on your forehead,
    It was just a beginning of day.... more »

  • Dance Language

    Lewis was Turkish man in all,
    He insisted on whole,
    And his movements, even his laugh
    Were part of his love.... more »

  • Evening Sang

    Owre a'hilltops is quiet.
    Just have a sight:
    Unes an air.
    Little birds in woods are still,... more »

  • I Am Free

    I am free to build of stones in the storm
    A cave I longed to stay and to be buried
    Where no one could see what I desired
    And touch my dream to give it any form.... more »

  • I Remember...

    I remember that beautiful night
    When a sight of the moon was your sight
    When you with coolness of night breeze
    Embraced me and my lips freezed.... more »

  • Indian Vow

    Oh, sacred howe part of winter!
    Whose sinful foot would dar
    To step and pollute you? !
    When you're shining under... more »

  • Islet

    When a tiny, modest yacht
    Slides on calm lake water
    I see my reflection in shining
    Lake and forget any bother.... more »

  • Looking In The Mirror

    I know how tolerant you were,
    Forgave in great. Forgive in little too.
    With you accustomed everything to share,... more »

  • My Father's Epitaph

    There was nothing more clear,
    Than our love,
    It was simple as me,
    It was simple as you,... more »

  • My Life

    Oh you, my life enormous like sky!
    You never fondled me and so did I,
    But nevertheless we are agree
    In all that done and ever will be.... more »

  • Snow Dream

    Out of doors high snowdrift lies all around.
    Hidden inside could never be found.
    This came to my mind in cloudy day,
    When hide and seek we began to play.... more »

  • The Night

    The moon is clear in transparent sky,
    And clouds close the stars silver dust.
    Cool air fills my bosom in the night
    And I feel, that my love is passing by.... more »

  • To My Schoolfriend

    Don't hurry in the city,
    Wherever you walk,
    And I shall hear your step
    In sound of the rain.... more »

  • To My Teacher Of Poetry

    Not farewell! I promise I'll see you.
    In your home I'll ever visit you.
    You know, all my senses live between your words,
    I want to see the water meadows and birds.... more »

  • To Myself

    You were a part of my dream,
    Vivid shadows of past,
    You have gone with the first sunbeam,
    And your time had passed.... more »

  • What Thought Jesus, Dying On The Cross, Psalm

    Oh! Say ''Jerusalem'' to take a deep breath
    And in all corners of your soul you feel
    An ancient stone that forever keeps
    A wisdom, love and godlike might... more »