• Blossom Tree

    If you could see as I did see
    White blossoms on an ancient tree
    And sense the fragrance on the breeze
    Slight trace.... more »

  • Central Park

    The flowers are all
    blooming in the park,
    the tulips and the daisies,
    can you see them in the dark?... more »

  • Intentions

    I dozed in the early morn.,
    Listening as my fingertips
    spoke to the world,
    But I only intended to write... more »

  • The Tree.

    Upon a tree infested hill,
    Wind-blown and golden,
    My leafy love sits waiting,
    A lonely monarch... more »

  • Tides

    The tides...
    Rise with the falling moon,
    Spreading out with no limit,
    To a distant shore,... more »

  • Winter Moon.

    Your glow
    touches soft snow
    then retreats in silence
    as the morning sun... more »