• Andrew 'Bear' Ryan

    Rest in peace brother -

    As I site here and wonder,
    Or wonder here and sit,... more »

  • Another Night In Burly

    Almost ten in the eve,
    another night in Burly.
    Passing the time with another composition
    of words.... more »

  • April 2007 – (Lying In A White Room.)

    Bland walls, minimal eye-catching art,
    coughs and colds, broken bones and broken hearts.
    Robots marching through countless
    halls to fulfill their duties.... more »

  • Bass

    When the world overwhelms you,
    And life seems so unfair.
    Just pick up an instrument,
    And smell that sweet melodic air.... more »

  • Billy B-Town. *dramatic Monologue

    I spend my days riding around
    My long board remains my vehicle.
    I am a young man, just trying to live.
    My music is my voice,... more »

  • Burlington, Vt.

    A free-roaming city... more »

  • Daisy - Haiku

    ... more »

  • Days Of Bliss

    Summer nights consume me.
    My head is full of smoke
    And my blue eyes are glazed with a red hue.
    Just yesterday I was in your arms.... more »

  • Driving Into The Night

    On a late night
    Early morning
    with no destination.... more »

  • Early Morning Flow

    Ahh early morning.
    -little to no clothing.
    feeling dazed with sleepy blues eyes that show my soul.
    these words can’t be stopped.... more »

  • Even As I Hold You - (Revised)

    Even as I hold you
    I don’t feel close enough.
    I think of you as someone gone when
    I’m without your touch.... more »

  • Everlasting Strange

    This poem was written by my good friend and partner in crime, Jeremy Duell. Although he isn't a member on this wonderful site, his words should still be heard.

    'To honor the night that two creeps found one another. A revolution in the making with each adventure completed.... more »

  • Forest Colors - Haiku

    ... more »

  • From Dreams To Nightmares

    A time to let my mind take control.
    No boundaries or limits,
    No end to the road before me.
    Happiness at my fingertips,... more »

  • Grief Stricken Widow

    Young lovers, captivated by one another.
    Recently wed, embracing their love.
    A tragedy is bestowed upon them.
    Ending with one alone.... more »

  • Here & There

    Alone, but yet surrounded by many.
    Vider à l'intérieur... more »

  • I Dream. (Pantoum)

    I dream often.
    All wildly and different ideas.
    All senses, feeling real.
    Where reality and fantasy meet.... more »

  • Look At Them

    Look at them:
    Pretty plastic, sugar coated,
    Just fantastic,
    BIMBOS.... more »

  • Lustful Day

    A Monday morning has never felt soo good..
    At one point in time,
    Just a boy sitting and working.
    That big smile dragging me closer.... more »

  • Meeting At A Fest

    Moving through an anxious crowd of many,
    The sun shined down on that boy and his truck.
    Thinking that he may like my company,
    I danced close, hoping to leave him awestruck.... more »

  • My Sister

    She is a beautiful soul.
    Carefree and unstructured.
    Her freckles rest like the speckles of paint;
    That are constantly dripping from my brush.... more »

  • Small Town Livin' // Villanelle

    The life of a small town girl,
    Is rebellious and far from NEW.
    Living in a town that traps you.... more »

  • Storm - Haiku

    ... more »

  • The Latest

    'You know you got it -
    if it makes you feel good.'
    that woman drives me mad.... more »

  • They Come...

    They come from every direction.
    Thousands of people just wanting to dance.... more »