• A Thousand Deaths

    Never know how to live right
    Never know how to live proper

    Try to walk along the dim lights... more »

  • Don'T Stop

    Watch me people
    As I walk to the valley of fear
    Blazing like mad man on fire
    Burning everything in my path... more »

  • Green Matter

    Hop in partner
    Let’s take on the brave new world
    Join in partner
    Let’s make a way through this dusty road... more »

  • Lost In Time

    Not so long ago
    I can feel the trembles in my hands when I touch you
    Not so long ago
    I can fell from the weakness in my knees when you look deep inside of me... more »

  • Ordinary Human

    I don’t have a ring to rule them all
    But a thirst for leadership still I have

    I don’t have a dragon to ride on... more »

  • Red Moon

    Look up
    Look in the sky
    Tonight just look up
    Look up way in the sky... more »

  • Tangled In Life

    Some man I am
    Looking sharp, acting sharp
    Too sharp maybe... more »

  • Tell Me It’s Not Too Late

    From the very first dawn I met u...
    I never truly understand what u meant for me....
    I just know that I like to see u smile…
    Even though that smile is not for me…... more »