AW Albert Wong 7/09/1940

I am a Chinese man, born in Hong Kong moved to USA in 1985 gained the usa citizen in 1990. I like both my birth place Hong Kong and the cities around San Francisco and bay areas. The weather in both are the best as I have visited so many places and compared.

After my retirement since 2001, I have been trying to start writing poetry from 2002 in a small quantity. After having learned how to type Chinese in the computer, so I started my Chinese poetry from early March 2005. To the end of 2005, I decided to concentrate more in learning and creation of English poems, so I immediately searched a good place suitable for this purpose, I arrived this as my ideal learning and investigatiing corner.

* I wonder a poem should be kept in shorter form.
*Let peoples remember them easier.

*Special notice inside my news page: If you want to watch funny video or get computer's games for your children, just go to my news page at its bottom line to find.

I understand my English is insufficient to challege with the English speaking people,
but I do enjoy: 'At least to know the worst is sweetest.'..for which I carry on to learn more further progressive.



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After so many years, I still do not forget such the critical from Fairy Heart about my poem Absence of Roses, that is ver true a good suggestion!
RE: Absence of Roses 'Delicious' was used because that was how they smelt. When I wrote 'red or pink' I was describing the roses, when at the end I used 'blue' I was describing my eyes. I also used the colours as symbols of happiness/love (red, pink) and sadness (blue) . Hope that helps.