• Haiku - Love

    ... more »

  • Haiku - Morning Fog

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  • Haiku-Wasting

    Men say children are money and time wasting
    If our aim in life is for saving
    We should not have any child... more »

  • Happy Flights

    Every six months me and my wife,
    We fly to and fro from West to East.
    The places are between HK and SF.
    We are flying happily like the bees.... more »

  • Happy Helloween

    Half is blue red half suddenly changes the surface.
    Hee hee kazak as soon as smiles is my son.

    Brothers and elder sister altogether a party of three.... more »

  • Happy Swing.

    How do you feel to play up on a swing,
    up in the air so cool!

    My heart nearly jumped out,... more »

  • Having Truth And False For The Uprising.

    As we know revolt in ancient times were called heroes,
    To-day on behalf of uprising to making theselves laughing stocks.
    I guess Chairmen Wu and Wen listened ti sigh Crazy,
    Sensitive people are all scared, and scared.... more »

  • Hong Kong Is Really Better Than Ever? !

    The citizens in Hong Kong are so brave,
    Every body knows to protect the rights.
    Hong Kong citizens are still working hard,
    same like that in the past.... more »

  • How You Can Write Poetry Like Li Bai.

    Shima is the embodiment of Li Bai,

    Solutions of silver bells to give the poet;... more »

  • Human Life.

    Most people are living in a dream
    Earning hard daily with pointless
    Morning get up go to the work team
    Life is profound but yet senseless...... more »

  • I Love Rose Rather Than A Lotus.

    Lotus was grown up without dirt.
    Although it was born from the dirty mud,
    Lotus has grown up so middle is empty to its stud
    The Lotus was loved by poet, Tao Yuan-Ming.... more »

  • I Love Salmon.

    The Salmon is the most I love in the fishes world
    It is born to live and swim to thousand miles away
    It could swim slowly twenty nine miles every day
    It grows up appealing to different kinds of water.... more »

  • I Welcome You.

    What wind is blowing you to here?
    Thank you for visiting me in this year;
    Please take a sit and drink a cup of tea;
    I have nothing to show but so happily cheer.... more »

  • If I Were A Poet.

    If I were a poet,
    I will send my words to high space;
    And among the stars together;
    No sound on earth.... more »

  • I'M A Little Bee

    My first drink is the morning dew
    Every morning get up early to fly... more »

  • I'M A Spirit.

    I am a non-main ghost

    Not even a grain of dust, such as... more »

  • In Heart Sentiment

    'In Heart Sentiment' by Sfiawong
    You're in the world is most perfect,... more »

  • In This Circle

    Your poems are so wise
    I enjoy them as apple pies
    Many terms need to learn
    Words copied by heavy pen.... more »

  • Indian Temple Worship

    I do not believe the news with my eyes
    There’s a very serious death facing to God.
    Many people were stepped beneath to cry and died.
    Your hearts were innocent and pure.... more »

  • Lake Side Crane.

    As a crane, I am smarter than the other birds;
    I know how to get food along side of a lake;
    To catch fish from water in shallow;
    It is easier than in deep.... more »

  • Lawn Square.

    Oh look at those unknown butterfly
    The flying dance with girls walk
    There are a lot of dragonflies
    Such as the glide plane... more »

  • Li An One Of The Best Directors

    Li An, You have won already director of the best;... more »

  • Live Carefully Daily With Eyes Open!

    This morning heard a young man was killed terribly,
    There was nothing relating about his behaviour,
    He himself was the only person who understood,
    What was happening on this fact!... more »

  • Lonely Soul.

    I am a bona Poet
    If dust is not even a
    Sitting on a cloud
    Floating from the Orient to the West... more »

  • Look For Your Love.

    May0be you are graceful young children,
    Admirers of the opposite sex is a beautiful.
    You do look for Prince Charming,
    Princess Snow White wants him.... more »